Finally! My first post

Hello Bloggie,
This post is going to be my first post on this blog haha. I actually have made this blog about a week ago but I wasn’t ready to post or even write anything. Its maybe because ‘nothing happens to me’ (said Dr. Watson on Sherlock S01E01 he has nothing to write on his blog and I think it’s happening to me) hehe 🙂 Now, I feel ready and excited to write some story of my life on this blog. I know it’s not easy (for me) to write something, because there will be a big war between my laziness and my passion to this blog haha but I promise I will do my best (hopefully)
English is not my main language and saya gak pernah tinggal di luar negeri (boro-boro) bahkan sampai sekarang saya belum pernah masuk kursus bahasa inggris atau apapun itu (nanti mungkin suatu saat) so this blog will be “campuran” you know? haha 🙂 dan karna itu I don’t have a good grammar and I have this big spelling problem (thanks to autocorrect) so if you read this blog and you find something wrong about my writing, just tell me so I can fix it, okay? =))
This blog is just for fun and sharing, I just want to share pengalaman dan menyalurkan minat menulis aja sih intinya haha so if nobody read or care about this blog, I’ll always post for you Bloggie (maybe)
Alright, I am really glad to let it all out, let my hand type this post freely and finally made this useless post. So I guess THIS BLOG IS OFFICIALLY OPENED, yay!
Well, there’s no point of reading this useless, nazi grammar, bad spelling post, so here’s a cat for you =))

you won't regret having read this post

you won’t regret having read this post

P.S I have made blogger before, and it doesn’t work out


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