Made this for my English assignment

“You better shut up, Your accent is completely weird.”
That’s how i felt every time i wanted to speak English. It’s not British accent or American accent or Asian-Indonesian accent or maybe I just don’t know what accent it is. I never stayed outside the county, I never went to some English courses and my parents don’t, can’t or maybe won’t speak English.When I was 4 or 5, my dad used to buy me some CD from BBC earth and that’s how I got this British side in my head, well maybe cause I watched it everyday. Somehow it turned out when my dad also bought me a CD from National Geographic with an American narrator. So that’s why my accent mixed.
All of my friends in High School were laughing at me every time I spoke English, and that’s why I always shaking every time i wanted to speak English. It’s maybe because my weirdo accent, but this is the way I speak and I think as long as people understand about what I’m talking about, there’s nothing wrong with it, isn’t it?

PS: My mother tongue was Sundanese and Bahasa


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